Box of Kindness: Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

IPB's Box of Kindness Program

IPB has a corporate giving program called 'Box of Kindness'. IPB is a proud supporter of programs and initiatives that encourage a sense of community and preserve the environment. Supporting community, youth and preserving the environment are very important factors in IPB’s corporate philosophy and activities. 


Box of Kindness Mission and Vision 

Box of Kindness Mission: is to be a socially responsible business partner to our clients and employees and  supporting,  enhancing and sustaining communities.

Box of Kindness Vision: is to improve the quality of life in our communities by continuously investing in sustainability and being socially responsible


Box of Kindness Areas of Focus

'IPB’s Kindness Box' program is a concentrated approach of IPB’s business that acknowledges the importance of corporate social and sustainable responsibilities, specifically with the community, environment and youth.  The Kindness Box recognizes the significance of responsibility to our communities and planet and that every effort helps.



IPB’s 'Box of Kindness' program was designed to support programs that enhance and strengthen a sense of pride in our community.

Adopt-a-Rower Sponsor

Ingersoll Paper Box Co. Limited and staff contribute to the financial needs of an athlete and in return, the athlete builds a relationship with our company. Through the visits of these athletes to our facility we’ve been inspired.

Community Involvement

On a local level, we actively participate in community events such as the Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life, Alzheimer Society, local food hamper drives and the sponsorship of local sports teams.




Ingersoll Paper Box is committed to the environment and offers sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.    

From 100% recycled board to Green Choice paperboard products – Ingersoll Paper Board is committed to working with vendors and suppliers to ensure that the best ‘Green’ choice board is always available to our customers.

Our efforts don’t stop with paper…we also make our own ink in-house.  Our inks are vegetable based, and are able to produce the exact amount of quantity needed for each order = no waste.  And no VOCs.

We have installed a custom recycle collection system that ensures 100% of our paperboard waste is recycled and does not enter the landfill.  We have our own in-house compactor and bailer - all our waste is sent back to a board mill for reuse.

Our company efforts to “go green” do not stop at recycling.  The factory has a system of energy efficient timed lights to help conserve energy.  We have a battery-diversion program and employees are encouraged to drop off their used batteries within plant-recycling collection bins. By doing this, we can help reduce one source of highly toxic material in our landfills. Our sales team are equipped with green energy vehicles and our biggest delivery truck is highly efficient, manufactured at a local Hino Facility.  

Ingersoll Paper box is taking our commitment one step further. We have recently donated a portion of our land to be cultivated for the growth and development of the local bee pollination, and a milkweed garden was planted for the cultivation and release of monarch butterflies each year.  What we put out into the world is just as important as what take from it. 


We support initiatives that encourage positive physical and emotional development of our youth. Areas of youth development include: education, sport, art and healthy living. IPB strongly believes our youth are tomorrow’s community leaders.

For Ingersoll Paper Box Co. Limited, a sustainable plan is best achieved one small step at a time - no matter how large or small— we can make a difference in improving our environment.