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Ingersoll Paper Box began in 1922 as Ingersoll Cone and Paper Box and has remained in our family for over four generations and more than ninety years. Until the early 1930’s, we made ice cream cones along with the paper boxes. People have told us that during the depression our company handed out the broken cones to the people within the community, it was a real treat when money, food and jobs were scarce.

As much as business has changed, the demands in 1922 compared to those in the 21st century would all be relative to the time. Back then a rush order was a rush order just as it is today and being 1st to market was no less important than it is now. 

Our reputation as a trusted supplier and our business itself has grown through the success of our customers. We know, just as they did in 1922, that our customer is depending on us.

Over the years we have witnessed many changes within the industry and have always strived to implement the latest technology at IPB. New customer requirements and a commitment to continuous improvement have built the company over the past nine decades and will continue to drive the company’s future.

Just over 90 years old, the company is as strong as it ever was. With a diverse customer base, a strong and dedicated group of employees, Ingersoll Paper Box Co. Limited is a company we are very proud to be a part of.

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David & Sarah Skinner
Ingersoll Paper Box Co. Limited 



Ingersoll Paper Box History and Company Milestones.


Ingersoll Paper Box started as Ingersoll Cone and Paper, the company made ice cream cones and the cones needed boxes. As a partner and general manager, Robert Skinner considered everybody to be family – he trusted his employees and they trusted him. It was an unusual but successful management style back then and over the years, that level of trust grew to embrace suppliers and customers. The ice cream cone operations were eventually sold and the company name changed to Ingersoll Paper Box Co. Limited.



Ronald Skinner, the second generation to manage Ingersoll Paper Box, made what would prove to be an important sales call to a new Stratford, Ontario plant that was producing Fram filters for the Canadian market. He made a sale and worked with his customer to reduce costs on Fram cartons. This relationship has grown over the past 55 years.


David Skinner, the third generation, entered the business. Since then we have seen tremendous growth in business expanding into the industries of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, beauty and personal, retail, food and beverage, and consumer and also expanding the building structure and on-going equipment upgrades.


In 1992, the equipment layout was rearranged to greatly improve work flow and efficiency. The 1990’s marked the entry of the fourth generation of the Skinner family into the business. In 1994 Sarah Skinner came onboard with our sales, marketing and management teams. John Skinner joined IPB in 1997 and now leads our Structural Design Department. Our first formal quality management system was established in 1997 using ISO 9001 as our template. Since then we have upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 designation. Manufacturing facility expansion took place in 1999 and saw the purchase of a 40" 6 colour Man Roland.

Additions include: new equipment, Quality Control Systems, expanded warehousing space and revamped offices and staff facilities.



Ingersoll Paper Box Limited is now a modern facility with 80,000 square feet of manufacturing and office which includes 38,000 square feet of warehousing space. New customer requirements and a commitment to quality and continuous improvement have built the company over the past nine decades and will continue to drive the company’s success in the future.  2011 marks the year that IPB started offering corrugated boxes to their product mix, in keeping with their regular offerings of quick turn around times, the highest quality and no minimum quantities. 

bobst expertfold
2012…and Beyond

Ingersoll Paper Box continues to expand our capibilties and brings on board the latest technology in all departments.  The KBA 7 colour Press and MK420 folding carton inspection machine is our latest investment.   Another flagship piece of equipment is the Bobst Expertfold 110 A-2 high speed folder-gluer configured which AccuBraille for embossing character. IPB is first in North America to provide in-line Braille embossing and 100% Braille inspection with bar code verification.  Our customer base spans accross healthcare to consumer goods to food products.