Our Products

Ingersoll Paper Box produces quality folding cartons from standard designs to custom design solutions.  From computer design, to printing, die cutting, embossing, and folding/gluing. We have a diverse customer base throughout the pharamceutical, food, healthcare, consumer, retail and brewery/wine/spirits industries. Over the years we have earned an enviable reputation for our ability to meet our customers' needs for highly flexible production from anywhere from thousands to millions of folding cartons, with quick turnaround times.

We understand the special packaging requirements of the healthcare / pharmaceuticalfood and consumer goods industries and have the necessary quality control technology, procedures and assurances in place to ensure we deliver defect free, quality cartons on time, every time.

Our staff are trained on the controls necessary for sensitive products and we adhere to rigid guidelines required by each industry and customer's internal compliance. Quality agreements are in place with all our critical suppliers. Our facilities are monitored for temperature and humidity, and we have procedures in place to address security concerns.

Our clients want innovative solutions. Our technology delivers.

The Proof is in the Package.