Health Care Packaging

The pharmaceutical industry needs a packaging partner who can react quickly. Ingersoll Paper Box understands the tight deadlines associated with "first-to-market" product launches and we thrive on the challenge of quick turnaround projects. We adhere to your industry/company requirements and regulations. For example, we were the first North American packaging company to offer Braille embossing required by many of pharma businesses. We understand the packaging needs of the pharmacuetical industry.

IPB was also the first folding carton converter in North America to install Valco Melton’s BrailleChek system. Using high speed camera technology and custom lighting, BrailleChek examines each Braille embossed carton at full production speed, checking the depth and accuracy of each dot. Our Braille Inspection Technology guarantees defect free boxes and 100% Braille inspection with bar code verification. Here we share a little about Valco Melton's latest BrailleChek Camera Inspection System and what it enables us to do for our customers.

Braille Inspection Video

Our committment to investing in technology continues into the finishing department with IPB's Inspection Machine.  This piece of equipment inspects and electronically compares every single printed carton to a client approved PDF proof. 

Committment to Quality.  We have a designated Quality Team dedicated to the quality of every package that we create.  In addition, every employee understands that 100% defect free is the highest quality we must obtain in production. Our employees comittment to quality, coupled with IPB's ongoing investment in state of the art technology ensures we create the highest quality packaging. For example, our high speed inspection cameras detect imperfections on all products whether it is printed,  foiled or embossed. Our committment to technolgy through investments, positions IPB ahead of the competition in today's marketplace allowing us to offer our pharmaceutical customers yet another layer of protection with advanced inspection of cartons.




Your “FIRST TO MARKET” Packaging Partner