Our customers want innovative solutions.  Our technology delivers.
The Proof is in the Package. 

Folding Carton Inspection Ingersoll Paper BoxIngersoll Paper Box has cutting-edge technology for high speed inspection of folding cartons ensuring the best quality products. This differentiates IPB in today's competitive marketplace by offering pharmaceutical customers yet another layer of protection with advanced inspection of cartons, on tight turnaround time

Our equipment inspects and electronically compares every single printed carton to a client approved PDF proof, thousand to millions of cartons. The high speed inspection cameras detect imperfections on all cartons whether it is printed, hot foiled or embossed. We can also detect barcodes and security marks on the reverse side of the product. More specifically our cutting edge technology and equipment:

Customer satisfaction and product innovation are the cornerstones of Ingersoll Paper Box business. Ongoing investment in technology and equipment are IPB's committment to the highest quality for our customers.

About Ingersoll Paper Box: 
Ingersoll Paper Box has been producing quality folding cartons since 1922, serving a diverse customer base pharmaceutical, healthcare, nutraceutical, consumer products, food, bakery and technology industries.  Over the years, we've earned an 
enviable reputation for our ability to meet our customers' needs for the highest quality cartons, highly flexible production from a thousand to millions of cartons and unsurpassed customer service.

Our dedication to continuous improvement and state of of the art technology, allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality folding cartons backed up by exceptional personalized service. This combination of quality and service has helped us build long term partnerships with many of our customers.ed an



Providing innovative and tailored custom packaging solutions, from concept to delivery.  We serve a diverse customer base in the industries of pharmaceutical, healthcare, nutraceutical, consumer products, food, bakery and technology, offering the highest quality flexible production runs from as small as a thousand to millions of cartons.