Quality Policy


Quality assurance is the responsibility of every Ingersoll Paper Box employee. Our staff are trained on industry and company controls necessary for products and industry specific requirements.  We are continually implementing new quality systems that fit our diverse customer mix. Our Quality Assurance Team meets regularly to assess and implement ideas for improvement received from customers, quality audits and our employees. Our Quality Assurance Team keeps constant watch over every detail from start to finish. Every machine operator is extensively trained on quality process as well as the skills needed to operate our equipment. This provides the highest quality base and the flexibility to provide our pharmaceutical clients with the right product, manufactured in the right environment based on their industry/company requirements. From the time an order is placed, to the day it is shipped, everyone at Ingersoll Paper Box is working together to produce the highest quality finished product.

Quality Guarantee.

Defect Free Boxes.

  • Code readers scan the colour bars to make sure all the colours on the box are accurate and in register.
  • Our glue detection systems consists of five cameras, the system checks for glue placement, volume and pattern.
  • State of the art inspection technologies offers 100% defect free boxes, everytime.